Furry-Tails Dog Grooming

269 Tremont Street

Rehoboth, MA 02769



Grooming by appointment only.






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Why groom my pet?

Having us groom your best friend will make him look good, smell good and put a bounce in his step. But your pet's grooming is more important than these things that make us feel good. ... It is important to his health.

  • Grooming prevents/removes nats. Once nats develop, these nasty little snarls continue to tighten, and make your pet uncomfortable until they are removed.

  • Grooming removes fleas and ticks. We all know these critters can cause disease. Regular grooming will help your pet deal with this ever threatening problem.

  • A proper grooming schedule will condition and lubricate your pets skin.

  • Did you know your pet can be injured or disabled by constant growth of his claws. Your groomer will clip your pets claws at the proper length.

  • Ever see your pet drag his butt across your carpet? This could be due to irritated anal glands. Your groomer will remove any build up.

  • Regular bathing is required to help your pet fight off flesh eating insects like biting flies.

  • Dogs have sweat glands, dirt, and wax in their ears. The resulting buildup has to be carefully removed.

Emergency Service

Furry-Tails is situated directly on the owner's property. This allows her and her customers, maximum flexibility in the hours of operation. She strives to accommodate the needs and schedules of our customers by making her self available when possible regardless of the day or hour. Please call to see if she can meet your immediate needs.



How often should my dog be groomed?

If your pet did something like getting sprayed by a skunk or went for a leisurely walk through a swamp, you probably want him to be groomed. If he is infested with fleas or ticks, you may also consider a call to us or the local vet. Other than that we recommend that he be groomed every six to eight 

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weeks. Factors you may consider when determining the time between grooms, are:

  • Is you pet an outside dog? If so, you may want to shorten the cycle.

  • What is the season? During the summer you should shorten the cycle between visits.

  • Is your pet blowing its coat? Does he have an undercoat? Blowing an undercoat can make life miserable for both the pet and the owner. You may want to wait until much of the coat has been loosened before bringing him in. This can prevent multiple trips.

  • Is your pet a long hair or short hair breed? Longer hair breeds generally need to be groomed more often. 

A little bit about us.

All pet owners want to feel secure in the animal care givers that service their pets. That's why our customers have been coming to us for years.

  • We have been grooming since 1996 and have been at our present location since 1999.

  • We utilize a Hydrosurge Bathing System.

  • We are trained and/or formally educated in grooming and animal sciences.

  • We annually demonstrate the grooming business for career day at a local school.

  • Our owner is an ardent animal lover. If you would like to know more about her, click here.


A Tribute to Bear

We would like to say thank you to those of you that have expressed your condolences for the loss of our dear friend Bear. Bear passed away due to liver failure on December 14, 2009 at the age of 13 . We will never forget him and we have many wonderful memories he has left us with. We have assembled a small photo album that you can access here.